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Website development is quite a broad term used when a website is being developed for the internet (i.e. World Wide Web) or for intranet (private network). Web development involves right from developing a simple static single page of plain text to the most complex web based internet applications, social network services and electronic businesses.

Web development commonly refers to web design, development of web content, client liaison, client side/server side scripting, web server and network security configuration. Further, it also includes e-commerce development. In technical language, among several web professionals, website development generally means all the main bon design aspects related to website building, i.e. coding and writing markup.

Website development involves several people working as web developers. The number goes in hundreds in larger companies and businesses, whereas, in smaller organizations, there would be only a single permanent or contracting webmaster. Website development is a joint effort between more than one department, instead of the domain of a selected department.

Website development has been an industry on a growing scale ever since the commercialization of the web. The industry has mainly grown because several organizations as well as businesses have created their websites for selling their services and products to the customers online. Today, web developers are developing more interactive and dynamic websites as they are being helped by an ever growing set of tools and technologies. They are now able to deliver applications as web services, which were conventionally only available as applications on a desk based computer.

Now, users are able to interact with online applications for creating new content rather than running executable code on a local computer. This has allowed users to communicate in new methods and have also allowed several opportunities to decentralize information and media distribution. Users are allowed to interact from several locations, rather than being tied to a particular workstation for their application environment. Website development can be split into several areas and has also impacted personal networking and marketing. Earlier websites were only looked as tools for commerce, but time has changed now and they aren’t only looked in that way but serve more extensively for social networking and communication. Several websites such as Twitter and Face book offer users a platform wherein they can communicate, and organizations a more interactive and personal way to engage the people. Website development is a vast area to experience and has various aspects relating to web designing.


Logo Designing - Rs 7,900 or US$ 151

Static Website - Rs 5,999 or US$ 115
( 5 pages HTML/CSS website + Template based Design )

Custom Website - Rs 12,400 or US$ 241
(10 pages HTML/CSS website + Custom Design )

Ecommerce Web Rs 52,000 or US$ 1087
( Ecommerce Website with Standard Functionality )

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