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HTML as a language has emerged immensely ever since the World Wide Web came into existence in the early 90s. HTML can be used extensively for creating visually outstanding and interactive applications and websites, provided it’s backed CSS and JavaScript. In this article, you’d come across useful information on websites related to HTML5 and CSS3.

What is HTML5? 

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML used for organizing and presenting content for the web. It’s believed to be an integral technology of the internet. HTML5 is the fifth revision of HTML which was originally created in the early 90s. The fourth version of the language was standardized as HTML 4 in the year 1997. It’s been not that long that both HTML5 and CSS3 have been introduced, but they have been already into use for designing several websites.

HTML5 and CSS3 languages have now become a modern trend and you can it can be seen with the fact that several designers have now started to code templates in these languages. HTML5 and CSS3 powered websites are in great demand and you can see the names in the following list. The websites designed in these codes are:

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) were incepted 13 years ago and the version CSS2.1 which was extensively accepted has been into existence for 11 years. With this modern technology in website designing, you can clearly make out the difference between the sites which were designed 11 years ago and which were designed recently.

What is CSS3 then? It’s a new addition into the family of style sheet. When you create a website with its help, it creates a great impact on the viewers visiting the site. This new technology lets you use more varied style sheets for numerous occasions.

HTML5 and CSS3 is quite young specification, so you will see that while writing, the browser support would be quite restricted. The code in this language is built keeping in mind its compatibility in all the browsers. Thus when developing HTML5 and CSS3 applications, it’s vital that you install latest versions of web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5+), Google Chrome (version 3.0+), Opera (version 10.0+) etc.


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