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According to a survey, there are more than 6 billion mobile phone users in the world today. On top of it thousand more are added every minute. Taking these figures into consideration, about 20% of these cell phone users use internet on their mobile. Due to this reason, mobile web browsing is becoming the next big thing in the world of internet.
Most of the mobile manufacturing companies have already seen this trend setting in and have now tied up with several professional website designers for mobile website designing. Nowadays, mobile internet is showing a great upsurge, especially, among the college going individuals. You can see a mobile phone in every college going individual’s pocket. Many are saying that mobile websites would be a necessity in future and in the present scenario, the number of users browsing the internet on their mobiles is roaring in millions.

Procedures Involved in Mobile Website Designing

Users of Mobile Website

If you intend to create or design a flourishing mobile website, then firstly you need to know its target audience. Mobile users generally need quick information and they don’t have enough time to see the quality of designing. Thus, you need not necessarily focus on the designing part too much, instead emphasize on simple designing and giving out quick information.

Mobile browsing is generally different from that of desktop browsing for the reason that individuals browsing internet on mobile are never constant. They are always moving from one place to another, whereas individuals browsing on desktop are generally at one place and in expected environments.

Things to Know for Mobile Website Design  

Firstly, you must know that website construction and design used for computer browsers would not be necessarily compatible with that of cell phone devices. There are some guidelines set by W3C for building mobile websites, such as accessibility design guideline, which must be properly followed for the site to work well. Also website for mobile should be designed in such a way, that the download time is not too much and the user is able to download huge amount of data quickly. This is because mobile phones having separate data plans don’t download huge amount of data quickly.

You need to alter your present internet site for making it compatible for mobile handsets. This is the simplest way to build your mobile website.


Logo Designing - Rs 7,900 or US$ 151

Static Website - Rs 5,999 or US$ 115
( 5 pages HTML/CSS website + Template based Design )

Custom Website - Rs 12,400 or US$ 241
(10 pages HTML/CSS website + Custom Design )

Ecommerce Web Rs 52,000 or US$ 1087
( Ecommerce Website with Standard Functionality )

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