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What is a logo? It’s nothing but a simple design which symbolizes ones organization. It’s a design which many organizations use for their letterhead, advertising material and signs as a symbol so that they get recognized easily. A logo is also known as logotype. It’s a symbol or a graphic representation of the name of a company, abbreviation, trademark, etc., generally designed got easy recognition of a company.

Many believe that logo is just a simple visual mark used for recognizing the product of the company or service. There are several types of emblems and signs that are recognized easily and associated with purposes. For instance, crests are used for identifying a family or a country. Earlier, only large organizations were able to afford their own crest. In some cases, they were extremely detailed drawing with several objects to improve the crest. Cost was never an issue and more was believed to be better. Later flags were also used as they had a larger format. They were seen from the craft fields from long distances. Many companies also designed road signs for informational purposes. They used techniques such as contrasting colors which were simplified and were yet stylish formats to recognize and convey information and attract more attention.

Let’s see different types of logo. The best shapes during logo designing to be used are symmetrical geometrical shapes. These shapes can be placed almost anywhere but still maintain balance. Moreover, they are extremely easy to handle.

Logo can be made to fit any geometrical shape and it looks more fit and balanced. A logo can be designed in any shape and can be used in any form. However, the only thing to look is that the logo doesn’t seem to fall apart. A good designed logo represents the company in a better way and by selecting its shape; you must consider the stability of your company.


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Ecommerce Web Rs 52,000 or US$ 1087
( Ecommerce Website with Standard Functionality )

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